Floating City

A 4hr scene I made over the last week, inspired by some images from the Hobbit. Assets used were mostly from Blendswap, the credits are in the description of the video.
Hope you like it!

Here’s a HD version of the final result:

watching that video was pretty good and the results look good too, all those rooftops reminds me of an assassins creed game:).

I did actually, but all the houses are really high poly and the shadow distance is much farther than a normal game so my computer crashes after recording for a few seconds.

Hi .

Thank you for the beautiful scene.
I need a little bit of your knowledge.

I’ll be grateful to hear how did you managed to create decals for landscaps, and FogSphere post process volume?


The decals are simple, just download any satellite image from Google and import it to UE4. Make a material with this texture and set it to Deffered Decal, then add the decal to your level and scale it up 1000x. You can put this over your landscape to cover it. I got the FogSphere from the Kite Demo(actual project, not the demo assets) by migrating it to my project.

Hope this helps!

thank you so much for the tips, I loved.

Do you use Google Earth app to extract images for your terrain decals and the resolution used is 4096x4096? You also extracts normal maps for these decals images?

I am grateful for your help. Thanks;)

Have you seen this ?:

Looks really good with great atmosphere. Consider a reel with the life of people with ambient sounds and time change? That’s maybe drastic but would make it very immserive and more believable as a town.

I tried that already. My PC is way too slow and there are way too many high poly buildings to record it for more than 3 seconds without having a BSOD.

No, I don’t use Google Earth because searching here is faster: https://www.google.com/search?site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1920&bih=912&q=satellite+photo&oq=satellite+photo&gs_l=img.3..0l10.1269.5794.0.6265.

I don’t use normal maps either, the terrain looks fine without them.

And yes I’ve seeen that ocean project, even used it in some of my older scenes:)

thank you

You are excellent!:wink:

The end result is simply WOW !!!