Floating character

I’ve got a custom character that I’ve imported, but I’ve got an issue where he is floating above the ground. His feet are basically where his head would be if he were standing on the ground. Any idea how to fix this?

Nevermind I fixed it, but I’ll give my fix here in case anyone comes looking for it in the future:

I went into the Blueprint for my player character
went to Viewport
Selected the Mesh
Adjusted the Z value in the details panel on the right hand side
I played around with that until the character was basically on the ground.
This fixed it for not only my idle animation, but all other animations too.

Hope this helps someone in the future!

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I had a similar problem, but it turned out to be the

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I had a similar problem but it turned out to be the Capsule for the physics asset of the character. If you look up “capsule shadows” it might have an alternative solution.

Exact same problem (not a beginner)