Floating AI Movement

**Floating AI Movement **is an easy to attach float system that uses simple AI to allow for target following with some advanced obstacle avoidance and repathing built in.

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  • Easy to setup, no coding skills required
  • Contains 1 actor component, 10 scene components
  • Can be attached to just about any other pre-existing actor with relative ease
  • Can be used with any way-point system, or follow any given target
  • Is capable of avoiding obstacles in its path with relative ease
  • In the event of being completely blocked from its goal it has several dynamic repathing options

HI, Great job, and also Price is comfortable for me.
I decide to buy it. But when I watch a presentation video tutorial, I notice that AI movement is clumsy and unnatural. (jaggy)
Can you Please Make AI movement more natural and more Float Like? as Drone Flying around and change height time by time. it is possible?
also add a simple Enemy detection radius, and Leave him alone (Stop chasing)

Looks Like Not

Hey 3dstudio, Thanks for your interest and sorry for my late reply!

Firstly I must point out my FAQ where I address this issue directly because I noticed it myself while creating the system. TLDR for the issue though is to bring the detection locations out further from the mesh to get less clumsy looking avoidance.

And as for the enemy detection radius I will not be including it within the system as there are too many detection systems created for UE4 by the actual team that would outperform anything I could ever write. I personally use this system in conjunction with the AIPerception system that is built into UE4 (I am currently on the latest version, I am not sure how far back AIPerception was included). What I do is not give the Initialize function a follow target, and later once the AI perception has detected a target I update the Floating AI Movement to follow it.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask, I will do my best to reply quickly in the future.