Floating AI Movement System

Hello fellow developers!

I’ve developed an AI that allows most any actor to float (I haven’t found one it doesn’t work on yet) using some basic AI to handle obstacle avoidance and repathing to keep the actor from getting stuck.
I developed it in version 4.25 but was able to port it down to 4.22.3.


  • Able to follow a target, or go to a specific location (meaning it would work with a way point system)
  • It doesn’t use the Navmesh or any other required set up to move. (Beyond actually setting up the blueprint)
  • It has a variety of simple controls to allow you to tweak and adjust the settings to fit what you think would be best for your actor
  • It is fully created in blueprints and fully commented so that it is easy to understand

I went ahead and created a video of what it is capable of doing in a short Demonstration

Is this something that interests the developers here? I would love to hear some opinions and any input anybody has.

Thank you!