Float Interval

I’m trying to scale an object based off its distance from another object (A and B). The distance is dynamic and is constantly changing (X). Currently I am getting the world location of both objects and subtracting them from each other and then getting the abs value between point A and point B (A-B=X)(X is Absolute).

Now where I’m stuck is based off of X (0-Infinity) I want to scale A every time I pass a set interval (Z). Every time I increase/decrease X by Z I want to scale A accordingly. Problem is I cant seem to figure out how to setup a check for if X has increased/decreased by Z in blueprints.

Please help.

So this is what I came up with for checking if X has overlapped our interval threshold. The equation runs off event tick. Everything past select float to Reset DoOnce is the formula.

Interval Equation photo Interval_zpswhnopmaq.png