Float Greater Than Brocken

Hi there !
I’m trying to use “float greater than float” boolean returning function, but I don’t understand why it stays “False” when the comparison is True.

Am I missing something or just facing a bug ?

Thanks in advance for your answers

Hi can you attach a pic of the puzzle interface logic?

With your setup, if the Cos was 0.1 - both Red & Green would be true… I can only assume this would be problematic. You need a range - for example, -0.9 / -0.3 = Red -0.2 / 0.2 = Green 0.3 / 0.9 = Blue, etc etc. See attached pic

Hey there !

I solved my problem

What was needed apparently was to update each variables by setting Red , Green and Blue booleans, since then the boolean result is working perfectly

I’ll try with ranges but it would be between 0,6 and 1