Float, distance and questions


How would you go about making a space game in UE4? A game like EVE Online or Kerbal Space Program?

Given the huge distances in space and UE4 limits, placing planets obviously can’t be done true to life. So would you apply scale to your models? That would cause other problems with local collision between 2 spacecrafts, so not the best option.

The only way i can think is dynamic scaling, where after the planets get a certain distance from you, you start scaling them down further.

But again, this is difficult, error prone and certainly not the right way to do it.

So how would you do it?

I’m guessing you’d be limited by the size of floats and other technical stuff, so you’d have to think it in from the beginning.


You should start smaller. For example start by getting your space ship controls working, getting basic weapons working, getting basic AI working…Then working on making lager levels.

I’m not making a game like that, too big a scope.

I just played KSP and started thinking how they did it… they off course made their own engine that handles it, but just wondering how it would be done in UE4

Sorry for the bump, but KSP uses Unity engine, not their own.
I am also wondering how can we make such a games as there is no tutorials anyhere on the internet.
I was thinking of making everything ultra small, but then the textures will look really bad. The geometry will not work well too

Eve online is special because it’s not infinite. Eve preloads only the galaxy you’re in, and then only renders what’s around you for a very specific distance. There aren’t many actual textured elements in close proximity so everything has a small load on your pc with a lot of extra room to breathe for when battles break out and such. This is relative of course. In ue4 it’d be easy to do such things, and I’d probably make some specific tools in the source code to handle selective loading and rendering, but I would not even THINK about that kinda stuff until I have the more important things working like having an actual ship… that functions… Rendering and resource control is all trivial. Mechanics, gameplay, visuals, and functionality are much more important than implementing such an open world. That open world is worth nothing unless you have stuff to put in it. Just my two cents. If You’re doing it for fun and to see, look around a bit and play with the engine. It’s okay to think big, just make sure you have some end goals in mind.

I do have some end goals in mind. :slight_smile: I was wondering, can you scale down the textures for the real small objects without losing the quality ?