float add no clean result?

Hi guys,

i create a tick function and add 0.1 float every tick. From 2.7 float value i do not get right results more.

I need a exact result. How can i change this?

Are you using the delta time? If you’re just adding it every tick (which I think is every frame?) you’ll probably end up with inconsistent results. If you use the delta time (I don’t remember quite how, adding maybe?) it should increase 0.1 every second. I did a quick timer for somebody else, I’ll see if I can dig it up.

edit: It was this post: It’s for a timer, but you should be able to make it consistently add 0.1. If you need it to be faster than every second, you could try multiplying delta time by 2 before putting it into the float + float (I have no idea if that will work).