Flipping an animation

Hi, I made in Maya a right walk animation.
Now, I’ve to animate a left walk animation.
But, just to save time, ther’s a way to flip the animation in Unreal?
I asked it, because, recreate the same animation manually,
may lead to make an animation a bit different in the movement, compared to the original.

Some help?

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As far as I know there is no way to do that -> you could just play the animation from the end to the start (backwards).
Just do it in your 3d program -> easier and you get a better result :slight_smile:

I’m not speaking about playing an animation backward: I don’t want flip the animation keyframes.
I made the player animation who walk toward right, now, not touching the keyframes, ther’s a metod to flip the animation to the left side?

As far as I know, that’s not possible -> as I mentioned, you can just play the anim backwards to create a “fake” left walk animation

This animation if backwarded doesn’t create the illusion of left walk.
I’ll try to find some plugin for Maya, thanks :slight_smile:

Cant you just rotate the character in game 180 degrees? Or you can just rotate the root 180 degrees and the character is facing the other side. Unreal also supports animation mirroring.

Probably the effect you’re looking for is the mirror, something similiar to what you get if you scale in X or Y (depending or your setup) to -1 in your character root bone.

There is a way for you to flip the animations in graph editor.

Go to Stats, and type "-1, don’t forget to press enter. That way, you will invert the values of selected controllers.
But think about which one to invert. I doubt that you want to invert the movement of the hands going up and down (if you did them on IK).

Oh, and you can try this one too:

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[QUOTE=Andrej J.;384997]
Oh, and you can try this one too: v=eYbtwEDZyXM[/QUOTE]

Well as far as i saw that only work as shown in the video, with 2 different objects but not with a skeleton. That’s a shame tbh. But it maybe a workaround using a constrained object for every body part, baking its animation then mirroring it and constraining it back, dunno should have to try it to make sure.

This plugin does exactly that.