Flipflop ignore B

Is there a way to ignore B in flipflop node and go back to A. Cause I got a blueprint that opened and closes with flipflop but I want it to skip B if its already closed. Been trying with boolean but can’t get it to work.

Truth table:

Enjoy and never not make truth tables when in doubt

This will never return to B unless you alter the bool setting logic.

flip flop is a standard macro, so my guess would be do your own macro

Also a flipflop might not be what you want… hth

Lol wow something simple made it work these always happenes to me xD. Thx for the help its working the way I want it to and also added 2 “closed” set and 1 is true the other false so it won’t stay on B.

Used these also on the blueprint. Was looking for a reversed flipflop :smiley: thx

Best of luck with your project - post to the forums when you’re done so we can see what you made!!

Fun fact, with most logical systems you can simply put a NOT on the output, and it will reverse exactly the functionality. :slight_smile: