Flipbook file Management


I have looked all over, but ultimately decided the community here can answer much quicker. When I import .pngs to become sprites and then flip books, how does the links/heirarchy work? For example, can I delete the .pngs from the content browser once it has been “wrapped” in a sprite, or is it dynamic? i.e. I can make edits to the original .pngs and have the changes propagate through to the flip book animation? I am new to this but have my first few animation on my character and looking great, I just want to make sure before I spend all the time doing my animation that I am using the best practices for house keeping. Thanks!

IT would seem that the .pngs still need to be in the the files as if you try to delete it, it will tell you that it is referenced by a sprite. For me, deleting it removes the source texture from the sprite.