FlipBook Changing in viewport but not on Play in C++

Preface: Couldn’t find this problem in the answerhub so im asking here.

So im using the C++ Side Scroller template and I replaced the character’s idle animation with my own custom animation. (Literally 3 frames just to test if i could do this well)

For some reason when I change the flipbook in the character, in the viewport the new animation shows up, but when running the game through the viewport, or a new window, the change is non-existant.

Am I missing something? I should just be able to change that without modifying code right?



Nevermind figured it out on my own. I didn’t realize what UPROPERTY actually did in the editor until just now.

For anyone else having this problem: You’ll find an Animations tab under your details panel. There’s a list of animations based off of the code that you have installed. You have to add your flipbook to that list per character.

So adding basic animation functions like Standing, crouching, Punching, and the like, and then adding them there would be the way to do it.