Flip the Y-axis with the Z-axis

Why does unreal flip the globally accepted Y and Z axis? The Y axis should be the vertical one. But anyhoo, is there an easy way to flip the Z and Y axis after the whole level is made? I simply want the Y axis to be the blue arrow, not the green one. I have tried to manually flip the whole level around the axis, instead of the axis around the whole level with undesirable results.

Failing this, is there a way to change the “MakeFloat2” component to show the X and Z axis, instead of the default X and Y? Why is this component correctly observing X and Y (you know, the normal expected behaviour) but the engine itself observes X and Z? I have tried to use the “MakeFloat3” component, which does expose the Z axis, but throws a whole bunch of errors my way.

Thanks for your help!

why do you asume Y UP is globally accepted? that depends of the software.

This is 3dsMax axis layout:




Maya, zbrush, solidworks, C4d and others has Y up as you like but there is not a standard.

Unreal is Z-up

BTW…the Up axis is inside the FBX file.

You can export with the correct up axis

this is max:


this is the info in the fbx importer inside unreal



Hey eldany.uy what I meant was that any graph you would’ve seen in school or university, even 3d ones, had the Y as the vertical going “up”. I appreciate that in games development specifically and especially 3d ones, it actually makes sense to have the Z as the vertical. My bad really, I’m a little peeved at myself for not realising sooner what a mess I’d be in as I was creating my game I just kind of “assumed” it’d be X and Y.

I’m not all too sure just yet what you mean with “export with the correct up axis”, or what “max” means but it looks like what I’m after, thank you so much for the reply greatly appreciated!

I’ll take your info and see where it leads me, thanks again

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:slight_smile: Relevant Tweet: https://twitter.com/timsweeneyepic/status/952661474501111808

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As a noob with unreal and programming in general, knowing this makes me feel a lot better :slight_smile:

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I agree with you. In school they said that Z is the depth dimension of the hy·po·thet·i·cal 3d
but this is the real world lol! its totally debatable topic…but if I had to choose we are in the same page (or dimension?) :slight_smile: