Flip flop - hidden / show mesh

HI, i can hide mesh by tag, but cannot show mesh.
Please help me :).

Are you sure that those actors have that tag? Some small typo (like uppercase instead of lowercase) may be cause here, or space at end/beginning. I am not sure if unreal sanitizes tags and changes case before comparing.

Also this is very inefficient way of doing things, unless your whole game is not more than 100 or so meshes. But from my experience games have few thousands meshes at least.

So if those visible/invisible meshes are less than 50% you should consider doing them as blueprints.

I tried testing tags, and they are still messed up engine side.

Use blueprints instead:

  • create simple blueprint that has your mesh
  • create enumerator (enum) that is"one" “two” etc.
  • put that enum in blueprint, make it visible and editable (enum variable)
  • make function in that blueprint that has enum parameter
  • whenn you call that function and parameter is equal to enum variable, you show that mesh, when parameter is not equal you hide it

then do all actors of class and set it to your blueprint
instead setting visibility, cast to it and cal function you created with parameter one or two

after that read (and watch tutorials) about dispatchers and interfaces,
your problem is made to be solved with one of them. Not sure which because i do not see rest of your game.