FlingBoard is a new game I have been working on and learning UE4 as I go.
It started out as a mini-game in another game ( and I pulled it out and started creating it as a standalone and
concentrated on it over Bee (my daughter became a vet this year… proud daddy moment :slight_smile: ).

The first level is a corn-hole’ish type game (vid1), the second level is beer pong’ish (vid1) and the third is a moving
target speed round(vid2). I have an idea for the next level. is where I will post up youtube vids as I build the levels, releases and feedback.

At this point I have not posed any releases since I am still working on it and learning.
I know there is much I need to do regarding mesh reduction, graphics, etc… but will probably go back and do
that once I have the gameplay and blueprints working as expected. I am very new at blueprints so struggling
with that a bit.

Any feedback would be appreciated, though I have membership set as admin approval only. I got tired of deleting spam accts.
I am totally knew to UE4 and Blender but have been coding for 20 some years at my real job… which of course takes precedence and
coding 24x7x365 takes a toll on the dain bramage… heh.

Currently it is a single player but will be working on making it a multi player and I think online would be cool to do
so that you can play tourney’s against others.

Intro Vid:
New SpeedRound Vid: