FLinearColor::Blue showing up as black


I’m trying to make a slate ProgressBar blue with FLinearColor::Blue, like this:

but it always comes out black, like this:

Even when I try FLinearColor(0,0,1), it still comes out black. What’s going on here?

(this is a repost of Why is my FLinearColor::Blue showing up as black? - UE4 AnswerHub since it’s been three days with no replies)

If your answerhub post was like this forum post (can’t tell as it doesn’t exist anymore), most likely reason why you didn’t get any replies is that you never showed what you actually did.

You should show the actual code that doesn’t work or make a repro for it so people could help you better, otherwise people could only guess what happened on your end.

Oops, the answerhub link was wrong. Correct link is:

I did include a link to what I did; it’s the first link in the post, to my github. Here it is again, just in case:

bump, since it’s been a while