Flight - Walking mode


I am fairly new to UE4, and ive been walking through alot of tutorials for BP. I was hoping to understand how to switch my character from walking to a flying mode. I have followed the flying pawn tutorial to get the basics going, however, trying to switch back to walking from this didnt really pan out for me, so if anyone has any suggestions on how i could tackle the problem, please share!

Regards, Jz.

Hey Jz,

Switching movement modes is fairly straight forward. All you have to do is type Set Movement Mode. You can set it up so when you press your input it switches to flying, when you release it switches to falling or walking


Hi Dedrick, first off, thank you for your responsen. I already tried this but i wasnt able to fix the movement afterwards, like move upwards in the air or wherever i am aiming, im only able to move in the xy-plane, any suggestions to that? Thank you again!

Edit; I managed to fix the movement, however, how would you go around to change the velocity of the movement? set velocity and set physics linear velocity doesnt seem to do the trick