Flight sticks and racing wheels support for Android ?

I just happened to see this article:

Just imagine not only doing the same for UE4 games on Android, but also on Gear VR or Google Daydream!!!

Is it something that is already supported out of the box? If not, can Epic implement such support for flight sticks and racing wheels in UE4 ?

Thanks beforehand

I would expect them to just work if you can get them recognized as HID controllers. UE4 for Android expects to see a button press from the device to detect and assign it to a player controller id.

I have XB360 USB gamepad for PC. I am guessing if that works, flight sticks and wheels should work too, correct ? (and if it doesn’t, should I file a bug report on AH? )

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I watched stream about new features of 4.15 and it looks like UE4 just getting support for steering wheels, HOTAS, etc. and it’s Windows only. So even if Android works natively with those input devices, UE4 won’t support them.

Any plans to extend this support beyond windows and into Android, in maybe 4.16 ?

Android controllers will just show up as axes, D-pad or buttons. It is just a matter of your application applying mapping; I believe the Windows support you are talking about is just allowing raw input that someone has to map.

I am a bit confused now :confused: So, assuming steering wheel and/or flight stick work with Android, how do I use it in UE4 to steer vehicle or flying actor ? (BP only)

Look in Input>Gamepad for BP nodes to read values. Hook up a blueprint to print the different values, plug in your wheel/flight stick, press a button so it is detected (look at logcat for controller assignment message) and see which one(s) change when you use the device.