Flight Simulator?

Hi everyone,

I just created an account on UE forum, because I have an idea for a project, but I want to know if it could be possible with UE4.
First of all, I have 0 experience in game development and I just have idea and I’m ready to learn in the next years.

Secondly, maybe you know what is the game called Flight Simulator X by Microsoft?
It’s a game from 2006 and I think it’s starting to look old. Even with all the amazing addon we can find like Flytampa, Aerosoft and ORBX (Fullterrain) and I really appreciate what they are doing, but the texture (ground and trees) are too weird and blury.
What I would like to do in the futur is a true next gen flight simulator, but I don’t know if with UE4 it could be possible, because I need these basic feature first :

  • Create the entire planet
  • Creating a kind of click and drag to create airport runway and taxiway.
  • A way to have default city texture with automatic generation of building and house and you just have to click and move the mouse to create a complete city.
  • Creating a mod tool or SDK to allow people to create content.
  • a Field of View that change depending of the altitude (but texture resolution change at high altitude too).
  • A game that doesn’t require the best PC.

Do you think it’s possible to create this kind of thing with UE4? I want to ask you before writing what I really want to do and how (I love to write all, because starting something).

I thought about CryEngine, but I think it doesn’t fit with a Flight Simulator.
And if I have to create my own engine, like I said, I have 0 experience so it will be very difficult.

Thank’s very much for your recommandation and help.

Whether or not it’s possible, I would suggest you pick a engine and make several small games first. With 0 experience a game that scope (entire planet) is almost impossible…

Nic you need to break that game down several time and start small prototyping with smaller elements of it first. This seems like quite a tall order. But either way good luck!

No, I’d say that was not possible with Unreal Engine as it is right now. For so many reasons I don’t think its worth detailing them.

I don’t actually know of an available engine that DOES match that profile. Have you looked at open source flight sims? Those might be better to get involved with initially.

The graphics in FSX may be dated, but there’s more to the performance there than the graphics because it’s doing other simulations. I’m not sure that you could run those simulations in UE4 with a high graphical quality.

There are a ton of flight simulators out there already, (realistic too)
So your idea maybe a little dated unfortunately, and it’s never a good idea trying to reinvent an old game that’s past its “sell by date”.

thank you all for all your comments.

Like I said, it’s just an idea and I will take all your comment in consideration if I plan to make that one day.

thank you :slight_smile:


You may want to follow this thread. KukoBar is well on the way to an incredible UE4 Flight Sim.

I am a Flight Simmer since long time. Thank you guys for the piece of info ! :slight_smile: