flight game input help

Hi,i’m new to blueprints!I want to create a basic inputs BP for a flying mesh and i’m stuck.I want the aircraft to move right or left as long as the respective button is pressed,and after a long search i come to the conclusion thattimelines is the best answer.For example,if I press RIGHT i want it to rotate to right as long as button is pressed and to roll to a maximum of 90 degrees angle.This resulted in attached BP,anyway i have some issues.If I keep pressing Left or Right it keeps rotating on Y only to a certain point and the stops.When it tries to get bank angle to 0 it speeds up.If I try to push Up or Down without any transformation(0.0.0 rotation) it won’t move,anyway if it’s a bit tilted to left or right it will go up or down without problems.My questions:is a simpler and better way to do this?How can i blend between different rotations,and how can i blend between rotations on the same axis(for example if i keep Left pressed and press Right right after it will reset pose to 0?)How can I reset rotations to always go to 0 after buttons aren’t pressed(with a time function,like it will go to 0 in 1 sec)?

I can post a video if i didn’t explained clearly enough,english is not my first language