Flickering when scrolling on OS X


I just started using UE4 on my Mac:

I’m experiencing bad flickering when I’m basically moving anything, it happens when I’m: Scrolling list, moving the camera in the viewport, panning around Blueprint graphs…

I tried recording my screen, but recording made everything much slower so it’s not as noticeable (it just looks really slow/laggy), but trust me, it’s flickering like hell :slight_smile:

crappy video (you can see flickering around 00:05 and 00:07)

UPADTE: Here’s a better video, taken with an iPhone: better video

Hi dutzi,

Thank you for providing information and video about the issue you are experiencing. I have submitted the following bug report: UE-9472. While I am not able to reproduce the issue on my MAC, systems that match your specs will be tested and if the issue can be reproduced and a resolution found, an update will be added to this post.

Thank you, and thanks for the update!

Hi dutzI,

This has been reported fix for a release of UE4 in the near future. If the update does not correct the issue please let us know by posting to this thread.

Thanks for the Feedback.