Flickering static meshes problem

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with static meshes in ue5, so, i let you watch the video so you can understand

I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find anything.
Someone have a solution please ?

I wish you a good day !

Are you using Temporal Super Resolution (TSR)? It could be an artifact of trying to upscale and reconstruct the image based on previous frames.

You could also try different Anti aliasing modes. Perhaps MSAA (even though more taxing) or FXAA could eliminate this problem?

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i use TSR but it’s the best mode.
I tried the other modes and it makes it worse.

this does not solve the problem.

Try turning off any antialiasing mode and see if the power line tower stabilizes. You can then narrow down if its AAa that is causing the flicker.

Is the tower a nanite mesh? Could it be dynamically changing its lod structure?

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When i disable all anti-aliasing modes, it’s worse.

even if the tower is a nanite mesh or not, the flicker is still present.

I have already tried to change the number of LOD, it does not work.

Try to force it to stay at the highest level of detail. Is it using alpha maps for the cross sections or meshes? Perhaps it could be a texture mipmap setting that is changing the way it looks at a distance if it’s texture based.

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I have already put a forced LOD level, when it’s LOD 0, the tower have 16242 triangles.

I don’t know what is alpha maps.

Could it be a post process volume problem? Perhaps a low setting of depth of field is messing with the screen representation of distant objects due to low sample rates?

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I have a post-process volume for landscape.
How set this parameter please ? (sample rate)

You can try turning off the up sampling from the command line and see if it improves.

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Thank you for this evening tips.

i will try this tomorrow because it’s time to sleep lol.
Maybe, see you tomorrow.


I have typed the command line and this does not solve the problem.