Flickering light in movie renders

Hello, I recently exported a png sequence that has a light flickering issue on the surface of some objects:

(door frame on left and skylight opening)

I have a skylight set to static, direct light movable, sphere reflection captures in the hallway, lightmass portals in openings in ceiling,

Meshes are pretty simple walls I made in blender, I think I have a pretty good handling of unwrapping UVs so dont think its that.

So can anyone help explain why my lighting is flickering so badly?

I have no clue about that flickering, but just wanted to ask: is that weird stuff, thats going on at your ceiling intentional? What i mean is that sudden change in the appearance of that lamp or glassblock, and how it´s change also affect the wall area above the door at the end of the floor.

That’s an opening, so it’s a skylight essentially not a lamp. Direct light comes through it.
There are a number of odd flickers, with those shadows especially, and that is part of the issue. I’m not sure why that is happening as the camera moves???

Here is a bit of video from my phone while in editor. As I move around, the lighting does weird crazy changes, not sure if this is related or not.
This was while in the detail lighting view mode.

Oh, from that video it looks like Screenspace Ambient Occlusion. If you switch to raytraced AO, and play with the radius settings etc, then it will look way better. The problem with all screenspace stuff is, it can only take those things into account, which are seen on screen. And since not all corners are visible all the time, like the ceiling corners, it will only apply AO there, if they become visible for the camera.
Raytraced AO helps in that regard, that it also applies it´s AO effect even to corners, that are some bounces out of view, therefore you have no such jumps if they move into the visible field of the camera.

Also one hint for youtube uploads, make sure, that you upload them as videos for everyone or for mainly adults :slight_smile: If you mark them as for kids, then nobody can comment or otherwise interact with them and you :wink:

lol thanks, I was worried NOT ticking that would make it seem… racey? :)Thanks for the tip