Flickering level


We are using latest Unreal 4.11.2, and sometimes the flickering goes away, sometimes it is there (purely random). The whole thing flickers which include terrain and sky. Any idea?

p/s: Once we enter the level and it flickers, it will stay that way until we exit the level. Re-enter the level have the same effect.

My destructible crates (that simulate physics) are wobbling/kindof flickering as well.

Ok it is solved… turned out one junior programmer put in SceneCapture2D object and the render window keep flip-flopping between the two render targets…

The log above is what I found to be repeated in all frames…

Btw, how do you change the title to solved?

Ops that is not totally solved… it is 50% solved… the real solution is to decrease vram usage which is used by RT (render targets). Just fire up console, and type vizrt to see which RT consumes the most (and not used). And then turn them off does solve the problem!