Flickering Distance field shadows on ATI video cards


We are having flickering distance field shadows in our game, and it only happens with our ATI video cards. We so far have tested it with these two video cards:

AMD Radeon R9 200 series
AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series

when the value of the distance field shadows is quite low the flickering is less obvious but just because there is less shadows to flick.

please have a look to the video attached in dropbox folder as it wasn’t allowing to upload the file format of the video.
link text

please don’t mind the low frame rate, that is another issue, still happens in higher frame rate

We’ve escalated this with AMD and it turned out to be a driver bug. Sadly we have not been able to find a workaround so we have to wait for the driver with the fix. The fix should be in Catalyst 15.10 and the latest AMD driver is 15.7.

Hi Daniel, I also see flickering distance fields, is this the same bug? I use the AMD 15.11 driver, so it should be fixed. This is what I see:

It only seems to happen on ISMCs though, and it gets worse the further the camera is away from the mesh. In that gif you see a bunch of stones, just one ISMC with a few hundreds instances. And since the distance field is flickering like hell, you can imagine how the shadows look like :slight_smile:

Should I create a new thread about this?