Flickering circle icon in editor


Recently my Unreal Editor has started showing a flickering circle (or loading?) icon when I hover the mouse over buttons and menus. I’m kinda new to Unreal, so I don’t know what that icon is supposed to be, or where it comes from. This is making the editor basically unusable for any decent period of time, because it flickers so much and is very distracting. This was not happening previously, it just cropped up a week or so ago and I have no idea how to get rid of it.

  • I tried resetting the editor prefs back to defaults (and restarting the editor), but that did nothing.
  • This happens for both 14.3.2 and 14.4 on a new project.
  • Entering

 Slate.AllowTooltips 0

into the console reduces the problem a bit (e.g., it no longer happens if just hover over the Play button). But it still happens in other scenarios and doesn’t go away entirely.

Here’s a video I made showing the problem. Watch the “Marketplace” button in the main toolbar and you’ll see it pop in and out.

Also, here’s a screenshot showing the icon.

I can’t find anyone else running in to this on the forums, or answerhub. So I’m kinda stuck. My next step will probably be to re-install the engine entirely.

Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone know where that icon comes from (so I might get closer to figuring out what’s going on)?


I figured out my problem, and it has nothing to do with Unreal. WHUPS! The icon is from the nvidia instant replay recording feature, which was somehow enabled on my machine. Turning off all sharing features in the Geforce Experience app made the problem go away.