Flexible Snapshot system (photo mode)

Hello UE4 developers

I’m happy to introduce my new system to you
i have been working on this for almost two months, and finally it should be ready to public.



snapshot system intend to provide photo mode feature for your game, it’s functionality was inspired from photo mode of several games, many ideas were inspired from many games.

-easy install in any game and bind to character (works as ActorComponent)
-frames system
-camera bounds system
-custom absolute path for saving images
-camera movement input can be controlled easily just like AddMovementInput of Character blueprint
-easy extendable to add more features
-initial camera start offset and rotation
-support initiate camera offset and rotation as current player camera (so if he moves camera by mouse like 3rdPerson template, then start snapshot mode; it will automatically start from that place)
-soft blend between start and exit snapshot mode
-support pause game and move camera anywhere [look at demo 08:20]
-support ignore movement input of character
-support predefined presets of PostProcessSettings
-simple designed ui with many features
-separate controls by category
-custom slider works with step with custom design
-Select widget (like ComboBox but without dropdown , - from zero)

  • controls and categories can be easy setup through tables and a few little blueprint define what this control does.
  • a footer text that display current mode [move, rotate camera] and distance of camera to Pawn.
    -can easily control visibilty
    -easy editable material
    -focus widget in center of screen
    -can edit opacity, colors, or even textures of each inner and outter of it from system it self without the need to modify material or material instance
    -can easily control visibilty.

more features are still in development and will be comes in updates :wink: