Flexible chain for a wrecking ball


I’m making a game with a wrecking ball (a demolition simulator). For now I’m using a PhysicsConstraintComponent to drag/attach the ball. But I want the “chain” to be flexible/bendable so when the ball touch the floor it doesn’t glitch.
I’d like to do something exactly like that : Unreal Engine 4 - cable and physics constraints - YouTube.


EDIT : I don’t need a complex bending, so I tried using two PhysicsConstraintComponent lnked together, it worked well, but the second constraint is twoo much elastic : it streches. I don’t understand why, I didn’t set any damping.

PS : The wrecking ball is really heavy, but I need it to be heavy.

Hello Thomson_Skelington,

I believe that this would be related to your issue. If you would like to check this post: Dynamic Chains, How to use them in UE4? - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

I hope this helps.