Flexibility Improvements to the new Sky Atmosphere system

Hello All,

Having gone through all the videos done by Sjeord De jong, & the other architect of the new system (sorry forgot his name), and the most recent talk in Unreal Fest, I tried out the new system by going fully dynamic.

More than the commonly requested improvements like having a weather system inbuilt into it, I had a few more suggestions:

  1. Currently a far away sun is represented by a sun disc in the scene (see attached image). The sun disc in the sky (representing a sun far away) should be ‘optional’. People should be able to add a sphere mesh as sun. This is helpful for making games involving space travel, where you can travel to the sun, or have a sun close to the planet (sci-fi stuff). I suggest having a ‘has sun’ option in sky atmosphere to toggle having this artificial disc or not.

Thus a person can turn off the sun disc, & make a real sun if needed. Or have only the disc, but no real sun like currently.

  1. Having a similar ‘has moon’ option in the sky atmosphere. Which adds a artificial moon disc for quick setup, without having to have a moon mesh. This is helpful in game where there is no way to reach space (non-sci-fi stuff). If someone wished to have a moon mesh, like Sjeord demonstrated in his presentation, then they would turn off the artificial one with just a quick toggle in the sky atmosphere’s (has moon option).