Flax - Cooperative Third Person Sci Fi Shooter

Hello everyone,

I’ve been developing this game since the beginning of the year, it is currently released on Google PlayStore, and I plan on soon releasing it on Apple iOS AppStore.
3D Third person Sci Fi Co-op Multiplayer Shooter.
Intuitive control system with auto-targeting duel movement modes.
Five different weapons to pickup
Procedurally generated corridor runner style levels, Increasing in size and difficulty.

  • Branching corridors.
  • Side rooms.
  • Key Card Doors system.
  • Power-Up Pickups (Health, Accuracy, Damage)
    Endless robot enemies to kill.
    Local Network Multiplayer Cooperative Play [HR][/HR]
    It was built from the ground up to be a mobile game shooter, importantly a cooperative shooter, I was initially inspised to create a coop shooter like the classic Quake or Doom games from the 90s, it has the roots of that but has become its own thing in the process.

Lots of work has gone in to the gameplay coding to make it well polished and nice to play, I came up with my own way of dealing with only having two thumbs to control the game - an auto targeting duel movement system, I wasn’t sure how others handle aiming and shooting and didn’t want it to be too complicated with the controls.

I so often see a game looking nice but you play it and it feels horrible. I went the other way, developed a game that is well coded and then worked on improving the visuals (better character models, enhancing the materials, etc). And here it is now.

I have optimized all materials and textures for mobile devices, LOD has been used on the world meshes and characters along with distance culling.

I’ve been in to game development and related subjects for YEARS! but this is my first completed project and first officially released project.

I will be continuing development to further improve and expand the game more.

Recent Promo Video on YouTube

GooglePlay Store Page

I’ve also Attached some Screen Shots

Thanks for looking, any questions I’m happy to answer.