Flawed graphics with HD 4600

Previous versions work fine.
Screenshot is from a unaltered, default Third person template.

Hi Berhard,

Could you elaborate a bit on the issue. For example, does this only occur with skeletal meshes? Also, does this issue occur with specific materials?

Since you are using an integrated graphics card that is considered lower mid to low end I would suggest running the engine on low scalability settings. (see screenshot for location of settings)

I have not played around to much with the new engine, so I can’t say what is or isn’t affected aside from the the default character-mesh.

(I use the on-board graphics because for blueprinting, I don’t need more power and it saves me ~50 Watts per hour which in the long run, adds up to $)

Switching the Preview Rendering Level from Shader Model 5 to Shader Model 4 did the trick, :slight_smile:

Nice! I’m glad you’ve got it working. That sounds like a pretty cool idea to dial down the engine settings and use integrated graphics to save on power consumption.

Now that I’m starting to use 4.14 a bit more I notice that even though changing the preview shader fixes the main screen. Others screens are unaffected.


…well that’s a shame…
I updated my gpu drivers (one step below the newest version because that’s not supported for windows 7) and the problem is still there.
It’s not that big because I can switch to shader 4 in the editor, however

  • This setting does not save so I have to re-enable it after restarting the project

  • I was unable to package it without the same graphical problems on either OpenGL3(SM4), OpenGL4(SM5) or Vulkan Desktop(SM4)

    A real bummer :frowning:

I’ll see if we can reproduce this issue internally and will update this post with more information after the testing is done.

in advanced. If there is anything I can do to help, then please let me know.

Hey, I know it’s been quite some time, my apologies. I’ve tested this quite a bit on our laptops with the Intel HD 4600 enabled. I had no graphical errors while testing. Would you mind sharing your dxdiag information. To do this open your windows command prompt and enter dxdiag.

When the window appears save all information and attach the generated file in this post.

Hi, No problem, and for testing it so thoroughly.

I plan to file a Jira, but to do this I need a bit more information. Could you provide a detailed list of steps that leads to reproducing the issue for you. Starting with the creation of a template project.

Also, it would be a great bonus if you could provide a video that displays the issue. That should be all I need to file the report.

Thank you!


[a detailed list of steps that leads to reproducing the issue]

  • Clean install - No settings changed - Third person example template.

I have encountered the problem on 4.14.1, 4.14.3 and also, but a little different, on 4.15 prev 2 (black instead of see-through) .

The dark corners on the stairs while loading in the level is also new since 4.14.

Some things that might influence my situation are:

  • I have Nvidia 361.43 drivers installed but have not inserted the gpu

  • My windows is not up to date due to MS win10-push-policy

  • I have DisplayLink 8.0.644.0 drivers installed for USB-GPU
    (problem persists without EGPU attached)

That said, pre 4.14 versions work(ed) fine (~4.7 - 4.13.1).
Am using 4.13.1 ATM.

link text

Apologies for the cuts in this clip, I had to get it under 5MB to attach to this post.
link text

Please note that I was unable to reproduce this issue after extended testing. You mentioned that you are not up to date on windows. Is there any way you could get your OS up to date to see if this issue is related?

Anyway, I’ve logged a JIRA for this here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-41386)

Would you mind providing a DxDiag as well. The more information I can give the better.

I’m sorry, my Windowsversion is behind for a reason and updating is not possible for me now. The probability of it being the cause while not for pre-4.14.1 seems very slim to me.

I provided the DXDiag already, all I took out was my version number and hard drive info due to having to publicly post it, and them revealing vulnerabilities. I can post a unedited version, but I’d require a email address to send it to for that.

At Jira it states - as of 4.14.3, but it started at 4.14.1.
I included a clip from 4.14.1 as well to demonstrate.

To me it seems that the fact that 4.13.1 (and earlier), 4.14.1 and 4.15.0 all have different results (Good - See through - Opaque) should indicate that the cause should be traceable in the change log. (Something that isn’t changed until 4.14.1, not changed during 4.14.1->4.14.3, and changed again at 4.15.0)
(but it might be so massive that its naive of me to assume that it could be found in this manner)
link text
In any case, again for all your effort.

I just tested UE with my normal Nvidia GPU inserted in my pc, and there is no issue in that configuration.

Apologies, I was working with another user who is having the same issue and got a bit mixed up. I have your DxDiag information from before so no need to provide.

While it seems unlikely, there have been cases where certain OS updates causes material issues. If it isn’t possible to update that is just something we can’t test for.

I also updated the ticket with relevant information in a private comment to the Engine Developers.

The ticket is going to be backlogged for now until we get a solid repro case internally. I hope this doesn’t hinder your development too much in the mean time.

Thank you for all the great information!