Flatness Matter when doing Retopology?

Hey guys!

Just wondering when doing a retopo, sometimes theres parts of the retopo where the lower poly mesh is flatter than the high poly
obviously because the higher poly has enough poly to be rounder.

So I would like to ask does it matter if the retopo is flatter in certain areas?

Will the normal map be able to deal with this perfectly fine?(Like is there a certain amount of flatness where even a normal map wouldnt be able to help?

any ideas?

The most important thing about the low poly is capturing the silhouette of the model. A normal map can do a lot to capture surface detail.

how off can the low poly silhoeutte be from the high poly model for the normal to work properly?

You’ll know when you bake it, you’ll get ‘holes’.

It’s really more complicated than answering with a simple reply. Like everything you have to learn how to do it and what woks best.
Normal maps aren’t for major details, they are for small details. If you don’t have the geometry to support the major details it will look crappy. You can always crank up the distance and get a map to bake at long distance, but it won’t result in something good.

Here is a great resource with links, you could probably read for days.


Thanks a lot jay really helpful

Welcome :wink: