FLatentActionManager Warning: Possible Source?

I keep getting the below warning randomly:

LogScript:Warning: FLatentActionManager::ProcessLatentActions: CallbackTarget is None

What is the possible source for this? Because I can’t seem to debug it. I only narrowed it down to one of my actor class.



bump, would like to know this

I’m working through the Battery Collector tutorial and have started getting this too, so would be interested in trying to find the cause. I’m unsure where to even begin looking as the message isn’t particularly helpful!

In the C++ battery Collectors it was simply and execution order issue with the BP, Secondary delay node was trying to call a new update on SetBeamTargetPoint after the parent WasCollected(); was called(which destroys the battery)

Is there a way around it, though? I’m looking at the BP, and trying things with the delay node, but it’s either crashing because of an infinite loop or simply not working.

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