Flat Bed Trailer Physics Collision

I have created a flat bed trailer that can raise and lower using angular motors in the physics constraint. The idea is that a vehicle tows the trailer, the trailer can then lower, and then another vehicle can drive up onto the trailer to be towed around.

The problem I’m having is when the vehicle hits the trailer ramp, the trailer starts shifting away, and eventually it even shoots away and catapults into the air. I have tried making the trailer 50 times heavier than the vehicle, but the vehicle can still send the trailer flying.
Any ideas where to begin troubleshooting?

When a vehicle goes near the trailer and the flat bed is angled just disable physics on the trailer.
after the flat bed is flat again you toggle the car physics off instead.

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Will give this a try thanks.

I am interested to hear more development on this thread. I think that this is really promising.

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