Flashlights, how do I turn on a flashlight and activate a certain animation?

I got the flashlight part down. Creating and attaching and all that. What eludes me is playing the animation of the character holding the flashlight whenever I push F? How can I have a Flashlight mode with the animation, and disable it whenever I don’t have the flashlight?

I’m still fairly new to UE4, so specifics elude me, but these seem like fairly loaded questions. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but my first notion would be to have a look at state machines. You can build an animation set in your authoring program of choice (Like Maya) and then import that animation into UE4. Then build a “state” for it and all the blending that comes with it. You can then use blueprints to call these states at the appropriate time, like when the player inputs the character ‘f’.

That sounds exceeding simple, but how to reference the state machines to a key.

I’m not really used to Animations, But you should be able to Connect the Animation to a Key Event. Or more precisarlo to the Execution pin on the end or Start of your flashlight Bluepring. I’m not sure how the Node to Start an Animation is called, But if you Search for Animation you should find something similiar to Animation Start or so. I’ll See if i can find it when i get to my Computer.