Flashlight Sway

I’m surprised this question hasn’t been asked sooner and, if already asked, more often for me to be able to find an answer that would fit the specific question I have. I had a question about Flashlight Sway, e.i. slightly swaying a custom spotlight component (the “flashlight”) attached to the First Person camera within Blueprints when you look around using the mouse, and then having the spotlight return to the center in a similar paced manner. An example of this is in First Person Shooters, the player’s gun will sway left, right, up and down depending on if the player is looking around. I would like to duplicate and implement this feature using a simple spotlight component. I have attempted to figure this out on my own for the last couple hours considering i couldn’t find many useful tutorials nor could I find anyone trying to ask the same question. Maybe, perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough, but I figured asking this was worth the time to type. Also, thanks for any kind of answer I could learn from ^.^

Donno if you got this working but you can try this and see how you get on.