Flashlight Monster Minigame

Thank you so much to anyone that can help me with this! :slight_smile:

Is this possible to do in blueprints?

I need an enemy that hides around corners, and when the player looks away, the enemy begins to slowly creep out towards the player. If the player shines a flashlight at the enemy it returns to hiding. If the enemy reaches the player it triggers an animation where it kills the player.

So to conclude: Level Start > Timer initialized > Timer ends > Enemy AI moves towards player > Enemy AI reaches player > Triggers death animation.
> IF player flashlight shines upon AI > Return to hiding and restart the blueprint.

The player will be stood still within a room, only able to look around and shine the flashlight.

Yes, this is possible, but it is too much to explain here. :confused: If you have more specific questions about
parts where you don’t know how to get something to work, you can ask again.

Otherwise i need to redirect you to Youtube Tutorials and the Documentation.

You will need something like this: Environment Query System | Unreal Engine Documentation I saw a video of someone with an ai that would hide in the closest hiding spot to the player. You could probably switch between a hiding mode and stalk mode with a bool. Check this out too: joe wintergreen dev blog Good luck

Thanks for the replies. I wasn’t expecting someone to hand me a step by step tutorial :slight_smile: I just needed to know if it was possible before I started to invest the time attempting it.

So far I have setup my flashlight blueprint which was easy enough. The enemy AI basically need to ‘seek out’ the player and trigger a death event if it reaches the players collision volume, I can take care of that. All I need help with is having it so if the flashlight (point light) touches the AI collision, it will drain its health and kill it, or retreat.

In blueprints how would I go about doing that? I’ve never seen a light source act as a trigger before?