Flashing Surfaces

I am new to UE but I have used Unity before. I have brought a Revit model into UE via datasmith. I have a couple of issues. My walls and floors are flashing.

I can walk through my walls. Even if I select the wall and turn on collision.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Revit geometry straight out of Revit is riddled with overlapping faces. That’s probably what’s causing the flashing.

Thank you for your feedback. What is the way around this? This appears to make a revit model unusable in UE

To be honest we’ve always remodeled everything in Max only using Revit as something to trace over. Revit geometry is just not designed or organized with game engines in mind. There’s so much cleaning that its actually quicker for us to remodel everything and have control of UVs.
However that’s just me and my team. Other’s here might have a solution that uses Revit geometry. Maybe through Datasmith for Revit which I haven’t messed with.