flashing lights on music beats

hi friends,
I am trying to create a scene where i have many glowing objects (around 700) and i want their glow to be synchronized to music. I have looked into eXiSound plugin and it looks like i can use this to make what i want. i can make an array of all the static meshes with glow object and then divide these objects into multiple arrays with different dynamic instance material and control the emissive value of these dynamic material by different average frequence values. am i on the right track here?


How many blueprints is that gonna take?

hi there, thanks for your response. i have kinda come up with a different idea now on how to do it. what i want to do now is to make an array of 10 dynamic instance materials, and make an array of static meshes (733 meshes) and apply random material from the array to the static mesh from the array.
now my current problem is how do i add so many meshes to an array? it will take a long time to do it manually.
and just one blueprint to do it all.

solved the problem by “get all actor of class” node and then giving tags to meshes and putting “actor has tag” node in the branch. so far so good.