Flashback Level - Streaming Level or New Level?

Hi Everyone,
I need help for one thing.

In my game, the player go in a room and in this room read a note about another character of the story.

I want made a playable flashback area (same level but different design) with the note character.
My question is this.

I can do this with a level streaming or i have to create a new level and load it?
If i Stream level, when i unload the main level all the data will be lost or they remain when i load again it?
If i use a new level, when flashback is end, is possible come back to the previous level at the same point where i load the new level?
Sorry for my english i’m Italian

Thanks :slight_smile:

no one can help me?

please if anyone can answer me.
What’s is the possible or better solution for this problem?

Deleted as I misread what OP requested.

OP is looking to make a “playable flashback area”, not just a flashback.