FKConvexElem initialization. ConvexMesh null

Does anyone know how to initialize FKConvexElem so that its ConvexMesh and ConvexMeshNegX objects are not null? I have a valid FKConvexElem objects that I take from StaticMesh. Those have valid ConvexMesh object inside of it. But if I create FKConvexElem like so:
FKConvexElem Convex;
Convex.VertexData = OtherConvex.VertexData;
Convex.ElemBox = FBox (OtherConvex.VertexData);
My convex doesn’t have Convex mesh valid at all. Its null. Even if I assign:
Convex = OtherConvex;
Where other convex is valid 100%, it still doesn’t initialize these values.