FixupUEr, a multi-purpose swiss army knife plugin for UE

What is it?
FixupUEr is a work in progress alpha plugin that contains a grab-bag of Unreal Engine editor functionality that doesn’t really warrant its own full button taking up space on your toolbar, but is (hopefully) incredibly useful to have.

I normally don’t release tools this early and bare-bones, but since there’s already been interest from various people just for the features already implemented, I’m experimenting with what basically amounts to super early access.

Currently implemented:

  • Delete or make broken/missing static mesh actors in your map obviously visible (see video)
  • Adjust LOD Bias for a whole directory of textures, so they all display and cook at the same resolution
  • Adjust Texture Filter for a whole directory of textures
  • Tag orphaned nodes in blueprints, or delete all orphaned nodes with the trees leading to them
  • Select all lights with an attenuation radius equal to or greater than a certain number and/or lights that hit a number of triangles equal to or greater than a certain number

More features will be implemented as I encounter the need for them. I am also open to suggestions, as long as they fit the basic ‘keep it simple’ principle of the plugin.

Confused? Maybe this little demonstration video and these images will help.

Current interface
Blueprint cleanup
Dead static mesh marking

Where do I buy it?
You can currently get the early access build on

What about the Marketplace?
Well, that’s what the poll is for, really.