Fixing Documentation

I just had a remarkable experience… I’m setting up Splunk at work and their documentation had an error in it… At the bottom of the page was a REPORT AN ERROR… I provided details and within a day, Nichole wrote back saying…“Thanks for reporting the error, I’ve removed the link to the PowerShell…blah blah.”

I know Epic has hired documentation writers, I do help they can get to something like I experienced with Splunk!


Not only getting a reply to a bug report but it being fixed?? This is completely unimaginable.

Hey teak421! Thanks for reaching out to us and passing along your feedback. While we do have the speech-bubble icon at the bottom of docs pages that brings you to the forums; I understand your request for improvements. We’re working hard to review docs feedback and let people know when we’re looking into things. While it still might take a little time to resolve request, we really appreciate the community’s help in pointing out issues.

I understand it’s nothing concrete, but were working hard to make things better and we really do appreciate your help.

Thanks for the update. Consider checking out how they do it over at Splunk. (example: Install Splunk Enterprise securely - Splunk Documentation) They provide more than a bubble… It’s like they encourage it. Honestly, and this is my fault, I didn’t notice the bubble! In any event, appreciate you folks improving the docs.