Fixes for old YouTube videos (different blueprints, something doesn't work the same, etc. )

so we all use YouTube video once in a while and sometimes you find the perfect one and as you follow it you realize that the older version of the engine has some stuff the newer does not or has advanced on. so this is a section for people throughout the Forums to discuss these issues and find out how to use the difference in the new engine to get the same result so we need some extremely expert programmers in here and maybe you can make friends here as well!

Anyone have a fix for a runner video? I watched the unreal engine tutorial and in the random spawner there is a block that does not exist anymore anything I can do? I tried a fix from the comments but it didn’t work.
Here’s the video: (the error goes away)

Here’s the fix (That doesn’t work)

Any fixes that work?


What you’re showing should work as is - it looks fine. What exactly does not work about it?

so we need some extremely expert programmers

Yeah, good luck with that. All you got is us, the off-topic dwellers. Take it or leave it. :wink:

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What is wrong is that the blocks he used do not exist and have been change to green functions in the new version (The ‘Get Relative Transform’ blocks they are in the second snapshot as well)

Well yes, they should have been getters all along. But you say:

Here’s the fix (That doesn’t work)

What does not work about it? This script snippet looks fine; if you’re having issues, look for them elsewhere. This bit is not it.

The only thing that is different between the two, is that L / R are at different indexes of the array.

here’s what happens:
Its supposed to be random but they all spawn on the left/right/middle (Depending on what is plugged into the [0] port

How can you expect someone could possibly guess how you set it up :slight_smile:

Could we please see:

  • the script responsible for placement
  • the hierarchy of the Spawn Point scene components - Left | Centre | Right

You originally said there’s a video of something - but there’s no video. But if you explain the above, it might be enough.

Are you OK with me moving this thread to blueprint General Scripting - you’ll get more viewers / help / opinions. The more, the merrier. This is very on topic after all. Endless Runners are always in high demand and it could help someone else, for sure.