[FIXED] The latest version of Epic Launcher blocks the ability to perform Datasmith imports

UPDATE: Oct 3 @4:00pm EDT - This issue is now resolved by updating to the newest version of the Epic Games Launcher and/or the latest version of the Datasmith plugin.

Original message below
We are aware that updating to the 7.16.0 version of the Epic Games Launcher prevents the ability to import Datasmith files.

If you have not updated your Launcher, please do not update at this time. (Restarting the Launcher may trigger an automatic update)

If you have updated your Launcher, please stand by. We are working towards a solution. It is not possible to roll back to to the previous version.

Thank you.

I was on the edge to write about this issue… :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I have updated the launcher.
I know that it’s probably early to say, but do you have an idea of the needed time to fix the issue?
Many thanks.

I dont understand why just cant you roll out a new update of launcher which will be exactly the same with the previous launcher? So we could update our launchers as if we are updating to the newer version but actually previous one. Then we could continue to work while you check the problem out.

We are preparing a solution in the form of an update to the Datasmith plugin. This should be available within a few hours.

We will keep you informed.

I, for one, welcome our plugin update overlords. :wink:

Thank you for the quick response!

Thanks for the quick update.

FTFY, good sir! :wink:

Thank you for the quick response!

Any news with this issue?

When the plugin update?

[Insert witty retort here] :wink:

(Well, the forums wouldn’t let me get away with just a winky!)

same issue here, any update?

We are pushing an updated build of Datasmith through the pipeline at full speed. Builds for 4.20 and 4.19 will come at different times; we are focusing first on 4.20. I expect to post an update on this soon, but I cannot provide a definite timeframe.


What about the update? Do you have any ideia when it will be available?



The Datasmith plugin has been updated for the Unreal Engine 4.20 version. This is Unreal Studio version 4.20E4. Please update the plugin via your Launcher’s Library page. A matching version of the exporter plugins for 3ds Max and SketchUp are also available on

An update for UE 4.19 is still to come.

My, that’s quite the pipeline you have there. :wink: Exited and restarted, and my update is in progress. Thanks again!

Uow! It works!

Thank you!


In addition to the fix for Datasmith 4.20, the Epic Games Launcher has just been updated to version 7.16.1-4422705, which will additionally resolve the issue even if you do not update your Datasmith plugin. Please update your Launcher at this time (click the gear icon to open Settings).

A supplemental fix for Datasmith 4.19 is still being prepared, but is not strictly necessary with the updated version of the Launcher.

:cool: Thank u for the fix! best support ever!!!

Done. Thank you