FIXED: Problems with Plugins Intellisense in UE4.25 with VSCode


Has anyone experienced issues with Intellisense in VSCode for UE4 Plugins specifically?

I am using the GameplayAbilitySystem plugin, added the path:
"C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.25\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\GameplayAbilities\Source\GameplayAbilities\Public\
to the c_cpp_properties.json includePath, even tried with the ** to recursively search in subdirectories.

My project can find the headers when doing a:

#include “AbilitySystemInterface.h”

but intellisense cannot determine structs, functions within objects and gives off red squiggles such as “pointer to incomplete class type not allowed” (with the correct header included).

Intellisense works perfectly fine for the base engine and the defines is set up properly in the cpp_properties file, but when using a plugin and the code base there, with the includepath setup, it fails miserably :frowning:

Has anyone experienced something similar or managed to fix it?

I should add that everything compiles and plays as intended, it is just the intellisense acting up for Plugins :-/

I ended up fixing it by adding


to the defines = ] in c_cpp_properties.json

I also refreshed the visual studio code project and deleted Binaries etc just to ensure that everything was Clean Slate :o)
Hope it helps someone.

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