Fixed isometric camera?

Hey, I want to make a demo where the camera is isometric and fixed up in the air, with the map being and enclosed space such as a room, or the 3rd person example map for instance. the character moves freely through the map.

I made a pawn and added an ortographic camera to it, but it doesn’t seem to work out. How can I start?

You could start with the Twin Stick Shooter Template?

Make a Blueprint (actor), in the details panel add a camera, save and close, drag the camera BP into the world stage, watch the preview screen while it is selected and place as you desire.

Inside the level Blueprint, run an exec wire (EventBeginPlay?) to a set view target with blend, make the target get player controller, with the camera selected in the world, right click in your event graph of level bp and “Create a reference to CameraBlueprintName” (should say from persistent level), plug that into New View Target.

You can try different versions of it, it will be helpful for you. Now lot’s of quality available on camera’s you can try out. You can also explore out Best SMM Services for more details. It will provide you complete guidance.