(Fixed) I need Hand and Foot Collision to Work?!?

So here is the problem I’m having. I have a punch input and kick input. I made an animation blueprint and montage for both, so they work. However, I can only choose 1 or the other for collision. This is very annoying. If I go to Construction Script on my ThirdPersonCharacter, I can only connect one at a time, not both. I need help on how to use both attacks in the game. If I connect one or the other, they both hit the ball and work…just not both at once. Hope this makes sense. Thank you for the time.

By the way, I accidentally moved the collision “foot” to his other hand, accident for setting up pic. But it is usually on his actual foot. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand the problem correctly but why don’t you link the second AttachToComponent after the first one?

Hehehe, Yep, that’s what ended up working. For some reason I thought each had to be separated. Thank You, This is working fine now.

Could you please accept the answer? Cheers. :slight_smile: