Fixed Camera Movement

So I implemented fixed camera angles into my project and they work well enough, I then implemented some code to adjust the movement for the new camera angle however I’m having trouble trying to get the game to check if the thumbstick axis was changed after the camera switch.

My idea is to check the original position of the thumbstick and then compare it to the new direction to allow a smooth transition between the 2 camera’s without the player running back and forth between the 2 camera triggers. However, attempts to compare the 2 thumbstick axis values hasn’t worked so far.

Edit: Accidentally removed a bool from the 2 branches. The Branches are meant to contain the variable ChangeCamDir.

This is what I have so far which is based off the tutorial movement.
Any ideas how I should handle this? Would not be suprised if it is something simple/obvious that I missed

I don’t have access to the Engine right now to check anything, but what I see now is that your two final branches lack conditions. Was that your intention?

Oh right, those branches are meant to have bool variable ChangeCamDir that toggles the different movement. What I’m trying to do now is get to switch when the player changes thumbstick direction after the camera has switched.

Right so I think I have something that could work however “Was Input Key Just Released” doesn’t seem to detect the Gamepad Left Thumbstick X-Axis or Y-axis.

Unless I’m missing something, I’m unsure why it is not detecting. It seems to detect thumbstick activity for the press equivalent.

Taking the time to download and install version 20 in case it is a bug but I think I might have done something wrong

Got Something that worked. Creating 2 new sets of variables for storing the thumbstick position and whether the camera is being enter or leaving a fixed camera area. Along with checking if a thumbstick position has changed.