Fixed Camera Character Movement

So I added fixed camera angles into my game and I successfully added triggers that change the camera accordingly. However I then came across the issue of the movement not accommodating the change in camera angle creating weird movement directions. I learnt that replacing the controller node with a camera node fixed the issue but then I came across the issue of the character running back towards the trigger due to the camera angle. Using a Bool, camera node and controller node are switched accordingly allowing the player to keep their original movement direction until they change the thumbstick direction.

I managed to get it to work between the follow camera and a single fixed camera angle however if the original follow camera is made active again or the player moves from one fixed camera area to another, the movement direction is not saved causing the issue of the character automatically moving in thumbstick direction. So how should I tackle this?

I’ll provide the blueprints that I made for reference. Chances are I’ll probably need to redo it.